Our Story

About us

We have two great loves in our lives; making food and eating food. For years we have been brewing our own beer, making our own cheese, the list goes on. After repeated calls from friends for lessons to show them how, we finally decided to put together kits to make the whole process easy. From this Sandy Leaf Farm was born and we hope that you enjoy making our kits as much as we enjoy putting them together.

Scott & Gabriel

About our kits

We take your success in making our kits very seriously. We've perfected our recipes and can't wait to share our secrets with you. We're here to help you through the whole process and give email support if you come into any problems. We use organic, local and environmentally friendly materials wherever possible.

Spread the word

We rely entirely on word of mouth to grow our business, if you could leave us a review or tell a friend it would be appreciated!

Social and environmental impact

We care deeply about the environment and want to make the impact of our kits as low as possible. All the electricity used at our London studio comes from renewable sources and we use recycled materials wherever possible.